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Tell us what your graffiti problems are and we will aim to help.

Our experience is that no one organisation has the same problems. By choosing Nordic as a supplier, we will be able to advise you on a range of solutions that will suit you. Our experts that lead the organisation represent some of the leading experts in this field. We have a proven track record working in strategy development and advice removal, prevention, education, prosecution, training and deployment.

Approaches to dealing with graffiti can be divided into four categories:


We are the leaders in the supply of safe environmentally friendly products. Our pioneering products and services will help remove graffiti fast, efficiently, effectively and professionally. We offer an innovative product range that is environmentally friendly, non toxic and therefore safer to use than other graffiti products that are available on the market. Just speak to some of our clients to see how satisfied they are.

Prevention & protection

Nordic have a product range that prevents graffiti and fly-posting. The system has been used by many local authorities and has been found to be cost effective and sustainable in preventing re-application of the problem. This system is particularly effective on the use of public utility cabinets, where we are able to clean, degrease and apply a coating to your colour specification.


We can help you to educate young people to the risks and consequences of becoming involved in graffiti through involving them in looking after their areas. We can offer accredited training courses, delivered by our professional team, all of which are CRB checked for additional assurance.


why not talk to us about activities to channel the interests and energy of young people into more productive and positive outcomes. Our experience includes working with the probation service and young offenders in a programme to improve their skills and knowledge and highlight other opportunities available to them.







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