Our AGC is made in England and has been independently tested with successful results and if that doesn’t offer you reassurance we also give you a five-year guarantee for all coatings that our teams apply.

Our AGC is sustainable; purchasing AGC applied by our professional contracts team will save you both time and money and allow you to use your resources on other areas of work. Tests have shown that a single coating can last over five years and can be subjected to many cleans without the need for reapplication. It can prove extremely cost-effective to apply AGC to areas that are frequently targeted rather than repeatedly removing graffiti. Our coatings are a one pack system, which is better for the environment than mixing two products together as you get no wastage. It is more economical, cost-effective and is better from a health and safety perspective as you get single data and MSDS sheets.

The AGC process works by firstly cleaning the surface and then applying a non-darkening sealer followed by applying the AGC. The AGC is a clear coating so it won’t alter the colour of any surfaces.


AGC can be used both internally and externally to prevent graffiti, flyer posters and anything else that has a detrimental effect on Local Environmental Quality. It can also be applied to street furniture, statues, monuments and heritage sites to give you long term protection against graffiti.


We also sell our coatings direct to customers in both matt and gloss finishes. We will provide free coating demonstrations on large projects to ensure your staff do not get wastage.


If you are ordering over 20 litres please contact us for a discounted rate. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Nordic AGC (clear) 5L